Haikou Gold Dome Building~ About the Author ~

“There comes a time when the rush and bustle of living in a western country loses its appeal.  The treadmill of the corporate (or government) ladder finally takes its toll and we need to stop, take a deep breath, and assess whether our lives are about the accumulation of possessions or just the daily joy of living. If its the latter, then where do we turn to for inspiration?

On a personal note it was a new, more relaxing career that pointed to a new life in the People’s Republic of China. Teaching the English language to students of all ages spanning 3 to 53 years old has been a real eye-opener. The cultural differences are a big part of the daily challenges any expatriate faces in their newly adopted country. A reassessment of the manner in which we express ourselves is also required. To be understood, we need to simplify and focus our language skills.

The pages on this personal platform are intended to inform readers in the western world about the daily lives of their counterparts in the People’s Republic of China. More specifically, it’s a snapshot of life in Haikou city, the capital of the Island Province of Hainan.” ~ drs2biz

Haikou's Iconic Clock Tower~ About Haikou City ~

Haikou is the capital of Hainan, the smallest  Province in the People’s Republic of China. It has a humid sub-tropical monsoonal climate, with a very short winter. There are annual typhoons experienced here, so the buildings are of sturdy construction to withhold the elements. Coconut trees line many of the main avenues in Haikou, and Hainan Island is China’s largest producer of this product, hence the popular pseudonym for Haikou ~ “Coconut City”.

The air quality of Haikou is extremely high by Chinese standards. This factor, combined with the warm weather and friendly local folk, lend it to being an ideal location for tourism. There are many international standard golf courses available, as well as historical buildings and other tourist attractions to visit. The State Council announced on January 4th, 2010, its strategy to build “Hainan International Tourism Island” to capitalise on the natural assets of Hainan.

Here’s a brief summary of Haikou’s details:

  • administrative districts: Longhua, Meilan, Qiongshan, Xiuying
  • altitude: 0 m
  • area: 2,304.84 km2
  • area-code: 0898
  • latitude: 20° 2′ 34″ N
  • longitude: 110° 20′ 30″ E
  • population: ~ 1.8 million
  • postcode: 570000

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