Haikou Tourism Activities Coming Soon!

Haikou Native DancersThe following events are coming soon to Haikou:

  1. June 15th to 17th: “Dragon Boat Festival” (Duan Wu Jie) will be held. Have a look at this site about Qu Yuan for further information on this festival.
  2. July to September: The 2nd Annual Haikou Music Festival will be conducted
  3. September: JATA International Tourism Exhibition. A delegation from Haikou will travel to Japan, to attend and promote tourism in Haikou.
  4. November: China (Shanghai) International Tourism Trade Fair will be conducted, as well as the 11th Hainan Carnival Festival.
  5. December: Media from the mainland will arrive for a tour of Hainan Island.

From now until the end of the year,  Haikou City will conduct many business, golf and tourism product conventions and exhibitions throughout China. They will focus on the domestic markets of the Yangtze Delta, Zhujiang Delta and Northern Bay. Over seas target markets include Japan, Korea, Russia and South-east Asia.


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Repatriated Australian now living in St Kilda after spending 10 years in China. Sliding towards retirement.
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